Welcome to Playfully Educated!  My name is Leah, and I have owned and operated a home daycare since 2004.  I recently completed the requirements for my BS degree with a concentration in child studies and I am a strong advocate for play in early education. Intrinsically motivated play is the kind of play that children engage in that is based on their own ideas and interests.  They learn so much about self regulation, motivation, their social and physical environment, and many other important skills that are appropriate for children to develop in their early years.  In fact, I think these skills are what very young children should be focused on instead of the academics that have become the focus of so many early education programs.

I hope that people who read this blog walk away with a better understand of how children learn, ways in which they can make their days and the days of their children more playful, and a respect for the world of the child where the process is more important than the product.  Welcome!